Monday, May 14, 2012


i didnt know i will have 1110 friends on facebook.. i thought it was joking! when I see my fb again .. yaaa.. I'm Miera Maira who has 1100+ friends on fb
it real

some people will approve strangers.. ya I know that.. asal di add jerk terus approve!

I approved based on the number of mutual friend that me and org yang mengadd tu ada. Normally I'll approved them when I see my bff is her/his friend or I will approved them if they are my schoolm3. so... I went through my friend's list tadi, most of them I tak kenal langsung.

For your information, I susah nk reject orang (TQ hahahha~)

I dont like people who drop comments like "Hye Miera boleh kenal. U tengah buat ap. kt mna?" or some sort of, like that... and If I know him / her I will answer politely =) but if I didn't know them I will answer "sorry I'm busy" DANG!!!! (miera kau tak yah poyo sangat la kan)

FB.. FB.. kadang2 dia dgn applications and game request malas nk layan.. but sometimes layan la jugak sbb boring and I have nothing else to do. ooh like looser.

I am the violent pixie rose.. hard to get.. of course will break your heart will hurt you, but I'm not as evil as devil.

so what the fuss U write this entry Miera
"Nothing just nk ckp fb dh bosan :( "

okay guy I wanna out now.. nk tengok Dark Shadow.. ya Johnny Depp <3 Bulbye readers see ya next time .. XOXO

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