Monday, February 28, 2011

me n peaceful world ~ no war . PROUD 2 BE MALAYSIAN !!!

With the ongoing wars in the middle Eastand the threats of terrorism around the globe, there has never been a greater time to engage in world peace efforts. Guys, ladies n gentlemen we can see clearly what had been happen in Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Iraq and also Afghanistan. Most people would like to live in a more peaceful world and small contributions to peace can make a difference. So, we as a community lets contribute our pray for those who are not in a peaceful situation. Proud 2 be a Malaysian because we are always in a peaceful situation.

First you need to lose your prejudices to another races. They may be subconscious or outright blatent but they only serve to separate you from society and in time those subtle judgements can alter your behavior and before you know it you are participating in small acts of discrimination that lead to a society of hate and anger.

the second thing is,take your own responsibility. It doesn't help to walk around with a chip on your shoulder or to be angry at others for what they have and you don't. Take responsibility for your shortcomings. Get further education, apply for a different job. Especially in professional field. It may help your country. Either way, you can make a difference in your own life that can impact others. When you feel good about yourself and what you are doing, you are in a better place to contribute to other's lives.

Then , you need to be GENEROUS! not haji bakhil n taik idung masin kay!! wahaah it is easy just to want to accumulate things for ourselves. But, the most important thing is giving to others. Sincerity iz more important than a publicity okay! It is the greatest and best gift we can give ourselves. The joy, that results from this, is wonderful.

If we take the time to make the world a little more peaceful, we are working on our piece of the puzzle. But combining all of our efforts, would make a complete puzzle. Remember to do something nice for someone each day. Sometimes, I have given a homeless person money or just given them words of encouragement. But, in this little way, it is helping more than the homeless person, and me. It helps to heal the world. Can you imagine if ur fate iz same wif da homeless.. oh God i could not imagine that kind of life.. Alhamdulillah Allah gives me a good faith leave in peaceful n happy family <3>

BE POLITE-It's amazing how much power there is in being polite. It really has a profound effect on others, and gives them a good example. Often, it motivates them to be more caring

okay do you want all da hunger in diz world die???

so, please i'm begging you contribute your contribution az a community for diz world make diz world peace...a peaceful world iz not juz about a world that peace from a war but iti iz also peace from any other thing of crisis .. contribute ur help even one single cent does not affect ur life.. but it iz more than a massage for an insane to build their life and their future


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