Monday, February 21, 2011

wHen i'm goin crazy about result BLURPPP

what i'm goin 2 say iz...
every time when i'm goin 2 take my result iz ..
i'm alwayz haunted wif a NITEMARE!!!! time..
Upsr mimpi jatuh pentas
PMR- mimpi slip aq kosong
SPM- mimpi dpt D eng. sdangkan markah trendah B y aq dpt
arghh..STUPID lol!! miera..cozz u want da bez in ur life but u neva doin 4 da bez effort..i want da 9A's its enough..i dont care wif da A+ or so on..As long as it 9 A's..n after that half of my dream iz complete..coz when I got da stret A's da colourful future iz open in front of me..k Russia Japan.. u know what i really2 wanna be an IR. Petrol in da future.. n now I'm collecting da dana 4 furthering my study..i'm proud 2 say 2 everybody in diz world "HEY LADIES N GENTLEMEN I'M USING MY OWN POCKET MONEY 2 CONTINUE MY STUDY",phellawwehh..bangga sehhh..proud 2 be anak en. mohd yunos seyhhh...alo..but what i'm goin 2 do if my dream iz juz an illusion arghh..YA ALLAH DA me 4 da 9 A's pliz..aminnnn

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