Tuesday, December 21, 2010

LURVE iz like a coaster ride

Lately, I've seen friends battling with turmoils in relationships, getting depressed with the slightest act of misunderstanding and the usual couple's antiques.

A wonder, these people.

They can be extremely, extremely happy one day, and extremely depressive the next.

Being in a relationship is like being on a coaster ride,

I guess ..

One minute you're on a straight track and the next you'll find yourself upside down.

Sometimes, if you're not strong enough, you'll get queasy, hoping for the ride to end soon so that you can feel the solid ground once more to assure yourself that you're still alive.

And a five minute ride might get u ended up with piles of throw ups.

Ughh.. disgusting...

At this rate, I don't feel like I wanted to be in one.

Relationships I mean.

I don't mind coaster's ride.

Coasters are Fun!

What do you guys think? What is your opinion? Are you ready for a relationship? Or if you are already in one (pupu natalie! Hear! Hear!) how do you manage to deal with all the downsides?

Leave your opinion(s) at the comment section . Thanks :)

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