Friday, August 30, 2013

It's 56 people!

Yes, I love my country and I am happy to be a Malaysian, where the food is amazing, life is amazing, people are amazing, and everything is just amazing =) Alhamdulillah

Love U Malaysia

and love our fore fathers who brought this country to independence 56 years ago! =’)

So people let’s just remember about the good history about our country and whatever le in it.


Nobody’s perfect! So we can’t blame our country and our government for not being perfect. What about U blame urself! =D

eh? *peacenowar!

p/s: On this holiday hope Uall people get enough rest! AND jom kita semarakkan semangat patriotic kita kepada MALAYSIA TANAH TUMPAH DARAHKU!

With love miera~

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