Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Oh MY Englishh

Hi, Assalamualaikum peeps. As the new semester begin so I'm really busy with my study thingy lah kan . Miera kan engineering students. So, U know lah kan kan how chaoticnya life engineering student ni. So today I would like to story mory about 'BAD ENGLISH AS A TREND'
Bad English is becoming a trend, dontieewww ting? When me meaah conversing with my friend (rosak English I, confirm madam Nila menyesal bagi tunjuk ajar kat I selama ni) , I just like slumber translate all the Malay words directly to English without changing the sentence! blurghh am I that kind of person. More often than not, we (or rather, I) purposely use sentences with glaring grammatical errors to sound casual and funny Unfortunately, it’s no longer funny when it turned into a *super bad ass*  I iz freak. (buat malu je MUET band tinggi cakap macam ni wehh) This is worrying. habit I can’t control.


As a role model to my younger siblings, I pledge not to break my Engllish anymore. Okey fine , not to use broken English anymore~ TROLOLOLOL . and I promise to speak better English. To not make fun of those genuine language mistakes by others, but to guide them instead. And as this semester I’m taking technical writing so me the Miera Maira Sharapova Watsons (merapeks!) promise to write better English.
P/s: Lets we practice to speak and write in English even nampak poyo. like me. BAHAHA.

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