Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holi-olliday vs UPS :(

I love the sweet smell of freedom. For a few milliseconds, before I realized I'm so gonna die of boredom.

I really love my home, its quite small but there is peacefulness . It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. However, what I don't like about this placed is , it is harder for me to meet up with my friends because I not go to the nearer school in that area since primary school.

To be honest, and I'm pretty sure most of my friends know,that I'm not really a go-out-person. In a way, I'm more of a geeky sit-in-front-of-PC-surfing-the-internet kind online. However, that does not mean I'm an anti-social. I do have friends,but most of them are school's or from other places (eg: PERAK, KL, VENUS, DANG!!!). So when school's out and the only way to meet them is to:

---->beg my parents to sent me there
-----> use public transportation.

Well, I'm waiting for my UPS exam,which is an important mid exam before da Chinese NEW YEAR . The results will be da carry mark for my finale exam for semester two, which means, I've got to wait another week before I can finally have a peace of mind.(nak cuti pun kena study = =' lol) BUT KENA STUDY COZ NK JD IR. PETROL BBEIH

I hate that!I hate that THINGY! Besides that, if I dont study at home, a part of me will feel too guilty or afraid to enjoy TOO much coz then if my results are not good nuff', well, I will feel EXTREMELY guilty for enjoying too much. But if I DONT enjoy much! BUT.... I will EXTREMELY regret for not enjoying myself. YES! Hurray DILEMMA !! (mommy :( )

Darn it. Maybe I'm thinking too much. Maybe I should just relax and take it cool. Maybe then I will enjoy my holiday. ^^ PEACEFULNESS COME TO ME BBEIH
I'm gonna blog more. So,that's for now. I'm out of here.

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