Monday, January 9, 2012


see da weirdo me :)

ok wibie guys FUHH2x dh bersarang lalat dh bloggie nie :) busy la ... study banyak mende nk pk...temtiba pulek nk post da weirdo weirdy me DANG!!! mengaku pulak...hahah

serious? u wanna know how weird i am?

i love my name so much >.< BEAUTIFUL NAME ---> NURUL AMIRAH (cahaya pemimpin)

2. i like to see people pick their nose. it reminds me of how normal i am. :3

i dont know how to wear make up. SK II n whatsoeva I dunno

4. i always look up at the night star. coz i love the sky and the moon. they look like jewels <3 .

i like to see pretty girls. especially when they have their natural beauty means not cheeky :).

6. i always have da urge to pukul2 org. not coz im angry. but just becoz itz da normal me.

i fart too. so if u wanna fart, be my friend! i like it when ppl tell me they wanna fart. makes me feel normal too.if they dont tell i juz wanna say F*** U! hahah

8. i cant stop bite my nails.kopek da top off with my available nails. err korg pnah buat x? =P

9. i am scared of men. da macho one especially. DUP DAP!

10. i LOVE CHOI SI WON. and AARON AZIZ. LOVE. anyone who looks like siwon or aaron (just da hair would do too), i can fall front of them.

i am super duper jotek (garang in bahasa melayu). to a certain people. =D

12. i am obsessed with Hannibal Lecter . he changed my life! and becoz of him, i love the English accent.

13. i love immitating ppl or characters. dats why im like a cartoon or something..

that's it isnt it? i can write more. but cukup la tu kan? heheee..
da weirdo me :)

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