Tuesday, February 19, 2013

semester 2= hectic : z=real+imaginary

Well, the real part of semester has already begun. The imaginary part at the beginning of the semester has already ended. It also can be written as z = real + (imaginary)i. Okay lol. I've been thinking too much about Engineering Mathematics II. Complex numbers as Complex life begin. Wait till I get to Differential Equations. -_- Binggo!

life in Semester 2 has been nothing but hectic. Seriously. Busy gila kot! I really thought that Semester 2 will be more, you know, less stressful. Tapi sama je macam Semester 1.my class normally begin at 10 and end at 6 almost everyday people.Clap hand electrical engineering students!

And the Lab really made my heart ache. Got a lab with a tough project MATLAB....  I guess BUT it just for 1 credit hour. clap ur hand again!  Better do ur best next week for the lab project. Sigh.

BUT seriously Semester 2 is just passing by me. pum pam pum pam nearly to 1 week I have begin my 2nd semester. 6 more semester to go for 4 years program. All I can do now, is hope for the best. Pray for me peeps! :)

Been working really hard for my 1st semester, Alhamdulillah I managed to score a good pointer compared to my matriculation 3.** Not dean list. InsyaAllah. I'll work hard  to secure my dream to get a scholar and also dean list as an award for my parents. It will not be easy. But yeah, it's not impossible.

p/s: Oh right, got to go. I have some studying to do. Analogue electronic, ergh!
Till then, xoxo

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