Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Aqsa Syarif and Viva Palestina. Malaysian did you really care?

Assalamualaikum alls. Nowadays we lived in peace huhahuha and I think isu Palestine seakan senyap sebentar dari telinga kita since dah tak ramai tweet even ada berita pasal Palestine. BUT miera rasa, I should remind you dikala kita duduk lepak, makan twisties, tengok movie main game bersama kawan-kawan kita , saudara kita kat Palestine sana masih terus-terusan till now they cant live in peace like what we have in our country now. Non stop attacking by ISRAELIS LAKNATULLAH without warning, people.. they really need our help! Their lands are stolen! They have no where to go! And we here lived in comfort condition. Did you really care about Palestine?

Feeling guilty and guilty. I rasa bersalah sangat sebab I tak istiqamah dalam isu Palestine and I tak Istiqamah to educate myself about Palestinian issue!

When Gaza strip was attacked by the Israelis                                                                                                       

I just share photos and changed my Default Picture in my FB to show that I really concerned about Palestinian OHMAIGAD setakat tukar DP what did i do then?
Did I give impact by doing that? Shame on me!                                                                                              

Kalau ada orang datang bawak tabung Palestine tu adalah jugak I keluarkan.. BERAPA? Jangan Tanya.. seikhlas hati.. berapa yang I ada on that time I will donate. But bantulah sangat. Tupun beberapa tahun kat sekolah dulu.

So I urge you to questions yourself: “What have you done to help Palestine?”

Tengah sibuk I searching pasal Palestine tiba2 I saw something that make me wondering about what had happened to our Islamic friends at Palestine. I read the news and the projects that have been done by Aqsa Syarif, suddenly fresh tear drops burst out.

Why am I cried? I imagine what if my family was there. My siblings was killed. I just questions myself. I can spend 1-2 hours watching movie on youtubes even watching runningman on my bed BUT why I cant even spend 1-2 hours readings about Palestinian. Nauzubillah what happened to me?

We should shout out what is right! Israelis have crossed the line.                                                                     

We have to something and we need to educate ourselves in this issues!

Is this a fight for human rights OR is this just a religion war!                                                                   
Palestinian kids does not deserves to be killed that way!                                                                          
 And no one can be kicked out from their land that have been stole !                                                        
And it is a crime for the people who can’t protect themselves from deadly weapon!

and I’ve read to contribute doesn’t mean donate your money, your things, BUT it is enough for you to spread something and educate people. So, as I can write something in my blog so why not I share with you guys. =)

Do you really care? :

P/S: If you know some info about Palestine you can free drop your comment at comment box. Thank you! So do you really care? So let us share something that show us really care.



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