Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am a buyaholic

NO NO NO ! I am not a shopaholic

I buy food when I’m not hungry

I buy clothes that I won’t wear

Sometimes I buy presents when I don’t have anyone to give it to

I buy books when I don’t know when I will spend my time to read that book

I buy B.U.M. shoes again when I have tons already
ahha my new aidijuma bawal scarf

I buy

I buy

And I buy till infinity

Thank you to my pama and PTPTN

For giving me monthly allowances

I love U pama and PTPTN

Love U

Love U

Love youuuuuuuuuu

For making my spending possible

pelik sungguh , I bought dresses, and I don’t really remember when I started wearing dresses, BUT they’re very cheap! And cute! I also made an awesome investment on B.U.M. shoes again! And I also buys GISA wedges (credit to Parkson) !! only RM70!! Ummm ohhh saya cinta banget sama kasut baru saya.. it was  FUN! We girls love clothes. Fun fun fun! And we love buy and buy and buy. Muehehehe!!
gisa the geourgeous wedges! AHHA
p/s: I need a financial advisor !


  1. ramai yg ada penyakit ni... berjangkit dan bahaye...hheee

    1. hah tu lah bahaya penyakit ni kena dirawat cepat tapi tak mampu dirawat hahaha


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