Friday, February 14, 2014

A Female's Fantasy

I don’t know why, BUT I ADMIT,

that every time I flip open through those pages, I wish I'm married.

Yes, 21 years old and married!

Am I the only one? I don’t think so.

I got an

Obsession Over IKEA Catalogue!!!

Artistic in a way. Even there was a mess on that design but it just a perfect kind of mess! IKEA is the idea of living the perfect life. And I just love modern home style from IKEA.

Its okay to dream hahaha welcome to my dream world~

I will used the words ‘sayang’ to my future husband in this dream. Hehe geli giloss

Sayang remember that U yang choose black color for our living room? Our living room memang nice BUT banyak nyamuk lah because it black in color. Fine geli je guna word macam ni bahaha.

  Siap ada tempat duduk lagi in front of our wardrobe so boleh la duduk kejap bila penat pilih baju apa nak pakai pergi candle light dinner.
 This is my favorite part of the house.
simple but nice! 
Eh sayang why our kids yang ni ada arab-arab sikit?

Super gorgeous  laundry area. Hari-hari I basuh baju kalau laundry area macam ni!
Our daughter's room.

See siap ada homework space for our lovely blondie!

We'd buy them things yang akan generate their kids imagination. Ya lah ur mom engineer kot so U miera’s junior akan main dengan screwdriver, spanner and hammer.

The best idea yet is to put a workspace in our bed room kan sayang? Bila you buat kerja till late night, I bajet romantik buatkan kopi and tunggu U habiskan kerja sambil tertidur. Err kalau muka tidur secomel heroin cerita My Princess tidur takpe jugak. Haha kuat juga Miera berangan ya Uolss!
p/s: A female fantasy is it the same as male's fantasy? Marrying an architect an have a perfect home! That is my fantasy every time I flip the IKEA catalogue.

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