Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Lil Knowledge : Zakat Pendapatan

some people don't have a real understanding what ZAKAT is for, why we have to pay zakat, and more. Today, Miera just wanna share with you about Zakat. =)

 It is not 'PAY' zakat. It is ‘GIVE ZAKAT’
Off course big difference bebeh!

Whether you work at home or office or whatsoever lah, if you received your monthly earnings, you are entitled to give zakat. zakat pendapatan is compulsary for all working Muslims!

IF you're in doubt as to how much you kena give zakat, can always call PPZ at: 1300 88 5757, just go to the nearest PPZ, or go to their Facebook or website =)

When you give zakat you kena berniat membayar zakat kerana Allah S.W.T. If you've been giving zakat through counter PPZ (Pusat Pungutan Zakat), U just lafaz akad depan officer tu. If online pun ada je lafaz tu . papepun lafaz tu cuma sunat hukumnya, yang penting kita niat zakat. =) !
In addition (karangan sangat), the amount to give zakat is only 2.5% of your salary.
Let say you have RM3000 income monthly, so RM75 je zakat perlu diberi. tak banyak pun kan? BUT !!  this much pun you boleh memberi berjuta makna for a person tau! and when the people that  received your share of zakat feel happy, pahala will go straight to you!

 Allahuakbar =) mudahnya kita ni nak dapat pahala

giving zakat online pun senang for us nak check our zakat records. whether our zakat given kat counter or online, still can track back. easy kan?


BUT WHY??? U were prefer to berzakat online?

coz it's easier to sort out that way. and for those yang ada habit berzakat at the last minute, better la buat online sebab kalau kat maybank2u or cimbclicks or whatever online banking, you can set dah monthly deduction terus to lembaga zakat negeri.

sonang kan?

for those yang nak guna Skim Thohir (skim potongan gaji zakat), all you need to do is fill up a form called Borang Kebenaran Potongan Gaji (PPZ 052) online and PPZ- will follow up with you on the rest. this process will take about 7 working days.

according to Akta Cukai Pendapatan 1967 seksyen 6A(3) (lawyer sangat kau Miera!) zakat ni pun boleh dapat rebate on income tax!
siapa2 yang kena bayar income tax, with all the zakat given throughout the year, including qadha zakat, boleh ditolak dari Cukai Pendapatan Individu for that year.

Efficient yo!

PPZ mmg ditugaskan to cari sumber, collect and give to Baitulmal, who will agihkan all the zakat to golongan asnaf yang layak menerimanya. Don’t  worry about where the money will go.
they have a system for this, and they do it Lillahi Taala

I’m still learning actually haha ya lah nanti I kerja senang lah ya! so I rasa enough la for this time~ I belajar through online je! If you have some knowledge pasal zakat, do share with me my dear hahahaha =) In shaa Allah bersama-samalah kita menjadi muslim yang saling membantu dan muslim yang bertanggungjawab


p/s: syukran jazilan ~

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