Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Letter From 2014 Miera To 2015 Miera

Assalamualaikum and hi
Pejam celik pejam celik tak sangka dah 7 January 2015. Tahun ni kalau dikira-kira umur Miera dah masuk 22 tahun dah, walaupun 28th August 2014 baru masuk umur 21 tahun. Hikss. Happy new year readers!

2014 have been such a sweet year for me. Even, banyak je pengalaman yang sedih happened in my life. I take that as a lessons . if we reflect back if there is only smooth path that exist along our journey, I will not learned how to correct back my mistakes, meet new people, and learn new things! Thank you Allah, He’s the best planning .
Tahun baru azam baru?
Actually for me setiap hari pun I have my own azam nak complete this and that. Azam tahun 2015 adalah lebih kerap menulis blog yang terabai tahun 2014 ni.  Actually I had wrote a letter for my 2015 =)
A letter from 2014 miera to 2015 miera:
Dear 2015 Amiera,
1.   Sleep earlier for your 2015, rise earlier- get off your phone, create it as a habit, set a time!
2.   Dear Miera please eat well- and I don’t mean diet. Eat healthy, eat for your health not for your society
3.   READ MORE. read your engineering books more, understand and digest it well, read newspapers, read and find the right news, do not just simply chews what reporters tell you on the newspapers, reporters also humans, they do mistakes , so read more news from lot of sources! Read magazines, read fictional books, read inspirational books (COMPULSORY)!
4.   Miera.. please stay away from people who do not deserve you – you are worth a lot more. =) !
5.   The future Engr Amirah- study well. Two hour every single days. Just two hours of uninterrupted, that’s all it will take.
6.   Love yourself- who else will love you till the infinity unless yourself.
7.   Everyday you need to set small goals- 3 small things to do everyday, and don’t sleep until you have them done. 3x365 knowledgeable achievements will be worth it. Trust me dear 2015.
8.   Plan an outing once a month-have something to look forward to, to be excited for. Experience new thing dear 22 miera.
9.   As your English getting worse each day, learn new VOCAB! Write down your new words that you learn while reading, use them in conversations; expand your vocab ; because you’ll be glad what you have when you’re sitting on the exam hall.
10.                Always talk good things about others and find ONLY good things about them. don't really mind about their flaws, because you're not perfect too.
11.                Believe in yourself. you believe that you can do things that you want. you believe that if you want certain things, it will happen as long as you take action. whatever it is, have faith and believe yourself.
12.                Be responsible for your own life. stop complaining. stop blaming others. what happened in our life is based on what we do (our action). if bad things come, there's only 2 possibility that you need to remember : you don't pray a lot or it's a test for you so that Allah will give you better things in future.
13.                Start doing things that you love NOW.

and the list goes on.. Dear 2015 Miera please stick to these notes that were made by your 2014 miera.
With lots of love
2014 MIERA

cara terbaik untuk say bye to my blog readers! Anyong!


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