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Haji Abdullah Scholarship

Biasiswa Haji Abdullah Kolej Universiti MAHSA 2012

Bidang yang ditawarkan di MAHSA

  1. Perubatan
  2. Kejururawatan
  3. Teknologi Makmal Perubatan
  4. Farmasi
  5. Sains Bioperubatan
  6. Fisioterapi
  7. Kesihatan & Keselamatan Alam Sekitar
  8. Pengimejan Perubatan

Jenis Biasiswa Kolej Universiti MAHSA

  1. Biasiswa penuh
  2. Biasiswa Separuh

Cara memohon Biasiswa Haji Abdullah Kolej Universiti MAHSA

  1. Dapatkan BORANG PERMOHONAN DANA Haji Abdullah Kolej Universiti MAHSA.
  2. Maklumat lanjut berkaitan Biasiswa, layari Laman Web BIASISWA Haji Abdullah Kolej Universiti MAHSA

MAHSA University College has established the Haji Abdullah Scholarship Fund to deserving and needy students. Full and partial scholarships will be offered.

To download the application form, click here.


Students who meet the following criteria may apply for the Haji Abdullah Scholarship Fund:

  • Malaysia Citizen
  • Age 24 years and less
  • Possess the following qualifications – SPM; STPM; UEC; A Levels; SAMS; Matriculation or equivalent
  • Good academic performance
  • Good Health
  • Family Financial position

Terms and Conditions – General

  • Students should meet the entry requirements as a full time student for the course elected.
  • All information provided in the application form should be true and accurate, failing which the application may be revoked without notice.
  • All submissions should meet the timelines as set by MAHSA University College Haji Abdullah Scholarship Fund.
  • Students should be able to furnish original documents and certified true copies on request by the University or at the interview.
  • The scheme cannot be offered in conjunction with any other discounts and offers at the university. At all times, applicants/ students are entitled to accept ONE (1) discount (or scholarship) scheme only at the university.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified by the University College where the student is required to attend an interview, this will be communicated to him/her stipulating the date, time and venue of the interview.

Successful applicants will be informed by the University College through email within 4 weeks after the scholarship interview.

Students would be required to confirm acceptance of the scholarship award within 1 week of offer, failing which the offer of scholarship will automatically lapse.

Scholarships awarded shall be based on actual results only. Provisional or forecast results will not be accepted.

Recipients of the scholarships would be required to sign an agreement with the University College and observe all terms and conditions stated therein.

Successful scholarship recipients need to maintain a high academic performance and exemplary behaviour throughout their study term at the University College.

The university reserves the right to involve the recipients of this scheme in interviews, advertisement, photography or other publicity activities for the purpose of promoting the university as a leading educational institution. All product/s of these activities are the copyright of the MAHSA Education Group and can be used without prior written or verbal permission. Recipients of scholarships are encouraged to participate in the University’s sports, extracurricular and other relevant activities.

Students receiving the scholarships will be encouraged to participate in selected community projects as and when required. Time allocated shall be at the discretion of the Faculty Head.

The Scholarship awarded to the student shall not be transferable nor exchangeable for cash.

Students shall agree to pay any other miscellaneous fees which are not covered by the Scholarship Award.

Should the recipient of the scholarship decide to withdraw from the scholarship he/she will agree to pay back the scholarship award amount consumed up to date.

The decision made by the Scholarship Selection Committee is final and no appeals shall be entertained.

MAHSA University College Abdullah scholarship fund reserves the right to stipulate the number of Scholarships to be awarded for each program.

The scholarship award may be revoked at any time in the event of gross misconduct or failure to meet the required academic grades by the student in each year. In such an event, the recipient of the scholarship shall reimburse theUniversityCollegeimmediately the amount of scholarship received up to the date of revocation.

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