Friday, April 11, 2014

Love You!

sweet kan miera pada awak semua? haha
assalamualaikum and hi my dear readers =) !
uhhuk2 *batuk*

as a blogger I just loved to share with my readers about my life story, all ups and downs that I’ve been through and lots of thingy just with my dear readers. Seriously, I feel honoured everytime I wrote , even benda merapek, seriously I didn’t expect anyone will drop their comment. I’m touched =’)


I rasa sangaaaaaaattttttt dihargaiiii!! When I’m alone in my room I read all your comments back, how you share your story, your experienced ups and downs with me, you know I feel so amazing! How you can really opened up to a strangers like me. I feel like we’ve known each others for ages.
thank you dalam pelbagai bahasa

Some readers tak putus-putus bagi positive comments and also support for me. I ni pelik orangnya because, I akan ulang-ulang baca penulisan I sendiri dalam blog I . And I keep repeating read all your comments in my blog. I will laugh, smiles and even cried because I really touched for what you’ve comment in my blog =’) . To be honest I don’t know how to reply your comment. Sometimes tu macam tak kena pulak ayat yang I respond.

I don’t know how to repay back your kindness, for all your nice comments, and off course for sharing your life experienced lots with me. Why I’m telling you this? This is because I want you to know that I really appreciate all of you my readers!

I’ll pray that to those who drop their comments and who read my blog will success in dunya wal akhirat. Seriously I don’t know how to repay for all of your kindness. Since I’m not the type of person yang buat contest or give any giveaway for my blog readers so I hope that my prayer to all of you as the best gift ever that I can give. Even you know or you don’t know me, I think I really appreciate every single comment that you drop

Whether you’re merangkak reader ke, berlari reader, silent reader, loud reader, kan kan kan kan *oh ok Miera dah start her over terlebih symptom . thank you so much bebeh!

I just feel to give you a warm hug! But If you’re a man we can’t hug each other! HARRROM ok. Even kita tak pernah berjumpa tapi doa saya sentiasa mengeringi anda semua.
oh ya?
p/s: wallahi, I love all my readers , semoga my blog will always give you positive input and semoga my blog readers ni Berjaya dunia akhirat. Amiiinn =) Love you!

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