Sunday, June 1, 2014

Self-Proclaimed Perfectionist!

"teringat quotes felixia yeap tak semua orang sempurna sebab tu pensil ada pemadam pen ada liquid"


Such a long time kan miera tak berblog . a little bit busy study, debat, and manage my business . actually apa yang miera nak cakap ni absolutely not about me lah kan. Lets talk about self proclaimed perfectionist! Ok readers I’m the type of people yang really feel irritated with this kind of person!

You guys…… in this world nobody’s perfect ok

And it’s a true fact! Guys, people still can see your bad side, even how hard you try to hide it. Stop lah acting as you are the perfect person in this world because people really hate that kind of person

Don’t you think this kind of people, they always do that act for the sake of compliments from others? I superbly can’t understand what actually they are trying to prove!


These perfectionist they will do everything to win and they never want to lose

The fact is you can’t win all the time


They just tend to be…

Tend to know everything all the time while they don’t

Tend to look good while they’re not at all

Tend to be nice

And jack-off-all-rounder! Bingo perfect words~


I may not be number 1 or win all the time

But what satisfies me is when I achieves my aims in certain things that’s enough

Appreciate what you have in your life and live with it to the fullest. If you’re good enough please respects other. Who do you think you are to object other’s failure?


p/s: think about it!

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