Wednesday, January 1, 2014

That Number Is ZERO!

Is that mean that I am somewhat better than someone who has less than 1726 friends and 18 175 readers in blog? What does 1725 friends on Facebook and 18 175 readers on my blog mean ? Am I more "credible" because I have those numbers?

Today I thought about the numbers that I have.  Oh, we are so preoccupied with numbers.

If so, then riddle me this: what about the Prophets? Some of them had none of follower and some of them had a handful of followers .

But they are Prophets, the greatest human beings ever walked on this earth. If numbers were the measuring stick, then where do you place them?



Even if the whole world is on my side, without Allah al-Haq (the Truth), then I am nothing.

I learned a valuable lesson today: Truth is free of numbers.

p/s: Nothing! That number is zero.

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